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Fusion Mineral Stain & Finishing Oil - White

Fusion Mineral Stain & Finishing Oil - White

Fusion Mineral Paint™ Stain & Finishing Oil is a conditioner, stain, and topcoat combination that offers exceptional durability in high-traffic areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets, and even flooring. This easy-to-use product can be used on bare wood or over previously painted surfaces.
Our Stain & Finishing Oil All in One does just as it says! It adds color, and adds a sealing oil at the same time! 

Our special blend is highly concentrated in pigment, so a little goes a long way. The 237 mL container will cover the same area as 1 liter of comparable stains, giving you 2-3 times more coverage than water-based stains.
Please keep in mind that all oil based products typically yellow in time. Using this over top of a white paint, will cause a slight yellowing effect.

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